Veganuary Meal Plan

Veganuary Meal Plan

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We all start the year with good intentions, and challenging yourself to eat more vegan meals is becoming increasingly common. But you’ll need inspiration to keep you going. Fortunately, that’s where Tenderstem® comes in.

There are plenty of delicious vegan broccoli recipes you can cook with Tenderstem® as the star of the show. So, we’ve compiled a few of our favourites covering every meal to help inspire you throughout the month.

Vegan Meal Plan

Meal plans can be tricky to follow strictly. Sometimes life gets in the way and reducing a risotto for an hour after working late simply might not be possible.

That's why it’s important to have some back up easy meals you can turn to at any point. A simple one pot pasta dish or a spicy stir fry that you can throw together in a matter of minutes. Make sure your food cupboard is well stocked for these back up meals.

So instead of giving you a seven day plan with three meals per day for you to cook from scratch, here's a few new tasty vegan recipes that you can add into your own weekly meal plan.

Want to learn more about Veganuary? You can discover more at the bottom of this page.


Other than at weekends, breakfast is something that needs to be quick and simple for the vast majority of us. There's nothing wrong with sticking with toast or cereal. Just double check your favourite spreads or cereals are vegan friendly.

If you'd like to try something different, how about a delicious green smoothie recipe? Packed full of vitamins, easy to prepare and full of flavour, it’s perfect for a quick breakfast before leaving for work in the mornings. Alternatively, for when you have a bit more time, try the breakfast burritos or sweetcorn fritters recipes below. Simple swap out the cheese and pancetta for vegan alternatives, or leave them out altogether. Both recipes will be just as delicious!


You need to think about mixing your lunches up with what you can take into work, and then what you can treat yourself to at the weekend. Again, it’s not about trying to change everything all at once.

If you usually take sandwiches in to work, you could just as easily make some roasted vegetable wraps or invest in some vegan sandwich fillers from your supermarket. Or try something different such as a fresh, zingy Asian cucumber salad, which is great alternative for your work lunches. For a salad that's a little bit more filling, try a Forbidden rice salad with blistered greens and a moreish miso dressing. Or perhaps one for the weekends, top your toast with a bean and leek mash. This easy lunch time meal is topped with Tenderstem® Purple for a satisfying crunch. Perfect for those lazy weekends at home.


Dinnertime is when you can really get creative and come up with some delicious vegan dishes. Whether you have half an hour or a full evening to cook, there’s plenty of filling vegan recipes packed with flavour.

And there's nothing nothing more flavourful than making a curry from scratch. Our Bengali split pea curry is full of protein from the peas and packed with nutrients from the Tenderstem® broccoli. You cold also try our vegan fried rice dish, bursting with colour and flavour. The nutty, savoury taste from the peanut sauce is enhanced by the buttery and mellow flavours from our very own Tenderstem® Purple. It’s the perfect solution to a quick and easy-to-prepare midweek meal. Delicious!

Or treat yourself to a filling bowl of pasta with our pumpkin seed pesto and orecchiette recipe. This fresh, vibrant and filling dish can be enjoyed all year round.

So there you have it, a mix of vegan curries, salads and other hearty and healthy dishes. And we have even more vegan recipes with Tenderstem® broccoli for you to try too.

Even More Plant Based Tips

Looking for tips on how to make Veganuary a breeze? We’ve teamed up with Happy Skin Kitchen to share the best tips on how to adopt a plant-powered diet that’s as delicious as it is easy this.

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a campaign aimed at changing people’s eating habits throughout January to try a vegan diet for the month. The idea behind Veganuary is to promote a plant based vegan diet and showcase all the food you can enjoy without eating meat or dairy.

There is no strict rules and you can take part as much or as little as you like, but if you want to challenge yourself to go the full month on a vegan diet, you can register your involvement on the Veganuary website.

How Many People Take Part?

Over half a million people from registered on the Veganuary website for 2021. That number has grown year on year, so you can expect 2022 to be another bumper year for people taking part.

However, you don’t need to commit to the entirety of January on a plant-based diet to take part in Veganuary. Plenty of people enjoy a flexitarian diet that allows them to continue eating meat and dairy products but at a much reduced rate, replacing some meals with purely vegan alternatives.

Why Should You Take Part in Veganuary?

Everyone has their own reasons for taking part. For many, it ties in with trying to have a healthier diet in the New Year after indulging in lots of Christmas food. The key to achieving any health benefits from a vegan diet is to plan your meals well and enjoy a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to make sure you don’t miss out on any important vitamins or other nutrients.

Tenderstem® contains vitamins such as iron, folate and calcium, which are particularly important for a vegan diet. For more information on other important foods for a vegan diet, you can find out more at the NHS website.

Other than for dietary reasons, for some people it may be the increasing awareness of their own environmental impact, or simply that they don’t want to eat animal products. Whatever your reason may be, the important thing is to enjoy it. You can do this by cooking a variety of tasty meals from breakfast through to dinner.