With Tenderstem® broccoli Frozen there’s always something fabulous in the freezer

No time to nip to the shop for your favourite versatile veg? No problem. Tenderstem® broccoli has landed in the frozen aisles of Asda, Iceland, and Ocado, so you can add a handful of green goodness to your mid-week meals whenever you fancy.

This is the ultimate convenience food. Every stem is individually frozen– just grab what you need and pop the rest back in the freezer.

Frozen Tenderstem® broccoli is hand-picked at its freshest, then frozen at the source of harvest to lock in all the fabulous flavour and essential nutrients that make this hero veg such a hit.

The next time you get some shopping in, save some freezer room for frozen Tenderstem® broccoli for a delicious, healthy boost any time you fancy.


Stir-fries, soups, and sensational sides… if there’s a dish than can’t be improved with frozen Tenderstem® broccoli we haven’t found it yet. Here are a few of our faves.

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