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  • A fusion of Chinese Kale and broccoli

    Fusion Image A fusion of Chinese Kale and broccoli

    Tenderstem® is an exciting new vegetable to inspire hundreds of new recipes. It’s sweet and tasty, so you can eat the whole thing! It’s rich in nutrients, and so convenient that we may just have invented the ultimate superfood.

  • Don’t chop the taste

    Taste Image Don’t chop the taste

    It’s all there in the name: Tenderstem®. The stem is tasty and sweet. Some people tend to chop it off, but that means they’re wasting a lot of delicious nutrition and value for money!

  • Sensational everyday meals

    Meal Image Sensational everyday meals

    Flavour runs through Tenderstem®, from stem to floret. That means it goes with everything. And because it cooks so quickly (you can even eat it raw), it’s one of your most convenient friends in the kitchen.



Tenderstem® is a delightfully, deliciously adaptable green. We think that it works wonders in just about any dish, so why don’t you give it a try and see for yourself? Here is a stack of recipes to start you off…

Top 10 reasons to love Tenderstem®

Top ten reasons to love Tenderstem
  • No1

    It's a great way to include extra portions of dark green leafy vegetables into many different dishes.

  • No2

    Tenderstem® is so versatile and convenient; there’s no chopping, nothing’s wasted and you can even eat it raw.

  • No3

    Tenderstem® has been crowned the King of Broccoli because of its superior health benefits. Click here to find out more.

  • No4

    It has a more delicate taste than ordinary broccoli – in fact it’s more like asparagus in flavour.

  • No5

    Did you know including more Brassicas in your diet could provide protection against certain cancers as well as age-related conditions?

  • No6

    Tenderstem® can be loved by everyone, if they are open to the idea, from babies to baby-boomers! Try our family-friendly recipes and see if you agree.

  • No7

    Tenderstem® takes less time to cook than other broccoli varieties, meaning more of the goodness is retained when eaten.

  • No8

    Just 80g of Tenderstem® counts as one of your five-a-day – and we have over 80 ways to serve it on this website! Click here for more.

  • No9

    Tenderstem® is harvested by hand so it’s always in tip-top condition.

  • No10

    The low levels of digestible carbohydrate in Tenderstem® make it a healthy choice for diabetics or those on a low-GI diet.

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