Tenderstem® broccoli & Cambozola Tartlet

Tenderstem® broccoli & Cambozola Tartlet

Cambozola, a very creamy, brie-like blue cheese, is a highly agreeable bedfellow to Tenderstem® broccoli in this tartlet recipe.

Preparation time

5 minutes

Cooking time

10 minutes



Dietary requirements

  • Nut free
  • Vegetarian
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  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C.

  2. Blanch the Tenderstem® broccoli for 1 minute in boiling water whilst you prepare the pastry.

  3. Take a packet of ready-rolled puff pastry, cut it into four rectangular pieces and place onto two baking trays lined with parchment.

  4. Arrange the blanched Tenderstem® broccoli floret-to-stem along the pastry and top with thin slices of Cambozola, taking care to cover the delicate tips with cheese to prevent them scorching.

  5. Season with a grind of black pepper and a little sea salt, and bake for about 8 minutes in a really hot oven. Serve with a punchy rocket salad.

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