Tenderstem® broccoli Nasi Goreng

Tenderstem® broccoli Nasi Goreng

Nasi goring literally means ‘fried rice’ and most Indonesian and Malay families have their very own version of this recipe. Here’s ours.

Preparation time

5 minutes

Cooking time

10 minutes



Dietary requirements

  • Dairy free

Nutritional information per serving

  • kcal 573
  • Fat 19.3g Medium
  • Saturates 4.4g Low
  • Carbs 51g
  • Sugars 8.4g Low
  • Fibre 4.7g
  • Protein 46.5g
  • Salt 1.56g Medium
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  1. Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a large frying pan or wok.

  2. Add the onion and cook over a medium-high heat until softened. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.

  3. Add another 1 tbsp of the oil, heat and stir fry the red pepper for 2 minutes. Add the Tenderstem® broccoli and stir fry for another 1 minute. Add the garlic, chilli and chicken and cook for another 1½ minutes.

  4. Toss in the rice and mix everything together lightly – don’t press the rice or it will become stodgy – and cook till the rice is thoroughly heated through, stirring occasionally.

  5. While the rice is frying, heat the remaining oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the egg. Cook as if you are making an omelette, rather than scrambled eggs. Don’t stir the egg but drag the bits which are set round the side into the centre then tip the pan to allow runny egg to set around the outside – keep doing this until it is all cooked.

  6. With a sharp knife cut the egg into thin ribbons. Add to the rice along with the prawns, soy sauce, sugar and onions. Toss and heat through.

  7. To serve, squeeze over the lime, scatter on the cucumber, peanuts and coriander and add lime wedges.

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