Tenderstem® broccoli Thai Fish Noodle Soup

Tenderstem® broccoli Thai Fish Noodle Soup

This wholesome Thai fish soup is packed full of exciting and vibrant flavours. The soup’s base, made from lemongrass, ginger and chilli, creates a hot and sour taste that is deliciously warming, whilst the coconut milk provides a comforting richness. Go on, take your taste buds on a little adventure!

Preparation time

10 minutes

Cooking time

25 minutes



Dietary requirements

  • Dairy free
  • Pescatarian

Nutritional information per serving

  • kcal 369
  • Fat 20.8g Medium
  • Saturates 7.9g High
  • Carbs 23g
  • Sugars 5.9g Low
  • Fibre 4.1g
  • Protein 20.3g
  • Salt 2.32g High
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  1. Combine all the sauce ingredients with 4 tbsp water into a blender and blitz until they become a smooth paste.

  2. Put a large deep pan onto a medium heat and add the sauce mix, red peppers and chilli. Cook for a few minutes until the peppers and chilli soften.

  3. Once softened, add the coconut milk and simmer for 8 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, toast the peanuts in a dry pan on a medium heat until they take on some colour, being careful not to burn them, then take off the heat.

  5. Next, add the noodles, Tenderstem® broccoli and fish to the coconut milk broth and simmer for 3 minutes so they are soft and cooked through.

  6. Divide between 4 bowls and garnish with the chopped coriander, Thai basil and toasted peanuts.

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