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Welcome in the New Year by saying hello to some delicious plant-based meals. Whether you’re going full Veganuary 2024, or just dabbling, we’ve got delicious dishes, food for thought and even a marvellous meal plan for you. Let’s sink our teeth into this.

But first, what is Veganuary? It’s simple - for those not in the know, it’s a 30-day challenge that inspires people to try veganism for January (and even beyond!). After all, even the occasional vegan or plant-based meal has incredible benefits - not just for our health, but for the planet’s health, too. And Tenderstem® is the versatile veg - high in Vitamins A and C - that instantly makes your dishes more gourmet.

Why not get started on your Jan Plan with three of our favourite plant-based recipes? To see our complete list of Veganuary recipes, scroll below.

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