Tenderstem<sup>®</sup> Suppertime Sonnets

Tenderstem® Suppertime Sonnets

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According to research up and down the nation,
Britain’s love for cooking has reached stagnation,
But Tenderstem® won’t let this slide,
Feast your ears on our poetic guide.

That’s enough of the poetry. Let’s get into this.

According to research, 26% of Brits across the nation have lost the passion they once had for cooking. But we’re holding our florets high. After all, Tenderstem® is the perfect veg to inspire people to get back in the kitchen with its sweet and nutty flavour.

Introducing Suppertime Sonnets. Fresh out of the oven, bringing passion back to your plate.

Partnering with JB Gill, performer turned farmer, we’ve created recipe inspired poetry - serving up a hot, steamy dish of inspiration. And best of all, it’s available to stream on Spotify.

Why not check out our sumptuous sonnet recipes below and fall back in love with cooking, with Tenderstem®, Broccoli but Better.