BBQ Tenderstem® broccoli, sun dried tomato and Dolcelatte bruschetta

BBQ Tenderstem® broccoli, sun dried tomato and Dolcelatte bruschetta

This barbecue recipe, created by cookbook author and BBQ expert Genevieve Taylor, is a great way to add a show-stopping veggie dish to your next gathering.

Genevieve said: “This dish combines barbecued Tenderstem® broccoli and melty blue cheese on top of grilled ciabatta – it’s a perfect sharer for your next barbecue.”

Preparation time

5 minutes

Cooking time

15 minutes




  1. Fire up your barbecue ready for direct grilling (cooking directly over the top of the heat source)

  2. Spread the Tenderstem® broccoli out on baking sheet and drizzle over the half the olive oil. Season all over with a generous grind of black pepper. Drizzle the other half of the oil onto the cut sides of the ciabatta.

  3. Rest the ciabatta, cut face side down, on the grill bars above the fire and toast for just a minute or so until golden. Remove and rest cut side up on a fireproof baking tray – no plastic or wood handles, preferably not nonstick. Briefly rub the sliced edge of your garlic clove across each piece of toasted ciabatta.

  4. Spread the Tenderstem® broccoli out onto the grill bars over the fire and cook for around 8-10 minutes, turning regularly until lightly charred. Arrange the grilled Tenderstem® on top of the toasted ciabatta and sprinkle over the chopped sun dried tomatoes and the thyme leaves. Scatter on the Dolcelatte and slide the tray onto the grill bars slightly away from the fire so the heat is not too fierce. Shut the lid of the barbecue and leave for a few minutes –- just long enough for the cheese to start to melt beautifully.

  5. Remove the tray with gloves and use tongs and a fish slice to lift the bruschetta onto a chopping board. Cut into wedges and eat whilst the cheese is still hot and oozy.

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