What To Serve With Steak: Delicious Tenderstem Ideas

What To Serve With Steak: Delicious Tenderstem Ideas

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Steak is a fabulous ingredient to create a delicious meal around. Whether its date night or family fun night, we have a selection of delicious Tenderstem® infused dishes to compliment your steak at dinner time.

Here we suggest 6 delicious recipe ideas when deciding what to serve with steak.

Spicy Peanut Beef and Tenderstem® Broccoli Stir Fry


Kick start your meal times with a spice peanut beef stir fry – perfect for the whole family in minutes! Packed with flavour, it takes your steak and broccoli to the next level.

T Bone Steak with Garlic Butter Tenderstem® Broccoli


Its date night and you have a delicious T-Bone on the menu... Simply pair it with our perfect garlic butter Tenderstem® broccoli for an extra special dinner.

Ginger Chilli Beef with Tenderstem® Noodles


Stir fries are a great way to contribute to your 5-a-day for the whole family to enjoy. Throw in loads of bits and pieces left in the fridge, some tasty fresh noodles and thinly sliced steak for the ultimate combo.

Roasted Tendestem® and Flank Steak Strips


Make lunch times and quick dinners a treat with this irresistible open-sandwich with slices of flank steak, Tenderstem® broccoli, gorgonzola and caramelized walnuts on top of a crunchy slice of sourdough

Beef Oyster Sauce Tenderstem® Chow Mein


For a nutritious, Chinese inspired dish, try this noodles in oyster sauce dish topped with tender slices of beef.

The Perfect Side Dish to Serve with Steak

We often have a favourite cut of steak and a preference to how we like it cooked.

So keeping things simple is often the best way and a perfect side dish is the best way to serve steak.

When you’re next cooking that perfectly seasoned steak to the precise minute…why not try a quick and easy side portion of Tenderstem® broccoli in a variety of ways:

• Griddle Tenderstem® Broccoli for (8-10 Minutes)

Soaking up those steak juices as well as charring it in a griddle pan, for even more delicious BBQ flavours.

• Steam Tenderstem® Broccoli (3-4 Minutes)

Steaming Tenderstem® broccoli will complement your succulent steak by and keeping that lovely Tenderstem® colour and crunch.

• Roast Tenderstem® Broccoli (12-15 Minutes)

Complement your steak with roasted Tenderstem® for a nutty irresistible flavour.