Healthy Picnic Finger Food

Picnics are one of the best ways to enjoy the Great British Summer: blue skies, warm weather and a bit of al fresco dining in the great outdoors.

Grab your favourite blanket, load the cool box, round up your friends and family and enjoy some much-deserved downtime.

It’s all About the Food

A picnic will never be as good as it could be if you don’t plan ahead. There’s nothing particularly enjoyable about opening your picnic basket to pull out a few hastily bought sausage rolls, bags of crisps and a couple of sandwiches.

However, with just a little bit of planning, you can build a healthy picnic of great-tasting finger food that will be much more enjoyable when you open up your picnic basket the next time you venture out.

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a nice long walk in the countryside, you’ll get much more satisfaction from packing some delicious and healthy picnic food you’ve made yourself.

Here are a few of our favourite picnic finger food ideas to inspire you. There are a couple of meaty options with vegetarian and vegan recipes too.

1. Tarts

Tarts are great picnic finger food. Firstly, they’re full of flavour and filling enough to keep you going on your long walk, bike ride or day at the beach. Secondly, they’re also really easy to eat on the go if you pre-cut them into easy to hold slices.

2. Frittatas

An alternative to tarts is a frittata. Similar in creation, but without the pastry, a frittata is also filling and full of fresh ingredients. It’s also easy to let cool and cut up into nice sized chunks to have as finger food on the go.

3. Savoury Muffins

Savoury muffins are a great way to add something to the picnic basket that feels like a treat, but is also super healthy.

4. Dips

If you’re going to be enjoying a relaxing picnic lunch, dips will often be top of your list. You can pick up a simple pot of hummus in the supermarket, or really impress with some homemade dips of your own. What’s more, Tenderstem® broccoli can be eaten raw, so it’s a great alternative to crisps and carrot sticks when you’re dipping.

5. Falafels and Veggie Bites

Falafels and veggie bites are delicious on their own, or equally as good in a flat bread, pitta bread or tortilla wrap. Great for having as part of a filling and healthy picnic lunch.

Healthy Picnic Finger Food Recipes