Celebrate with one of Chef Tarek’s healthy and delicious Tenderstem® broccoli recipes

Prep your kitchen for these healthy Tenderstem® broccoli recipes from Chef Tarek and Australian Beef, Fatafeat TV celebrity Chef Tarek, in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia Executive, has developed these delicious dishes, packed full of goodness for you to enjoy.

We have teamed up with Chef Tarek, to create four healthy, varied and tasty recipes. They are packed with flavour and are quick, easy and simple to cook.

Tenderstem® broccoli quiche pastrami

This warming quiche is perfect for the whole family. The fact it's easy to cook makes it ideal for a weekday dinner or lunchtime feast.

Tenderstem® broccoli rib and Australian flank with caramelized onion, goats cheese, roasted pepper and crushed almonds

A juicy, delicious rib and Australian flank, rich in vitamins and on the table in no time.

Tenderstem® broccoli beef flank sandwich

An easy, healthy and delicious comfort food dish with Tenderstem® broccoli. Ideal for lunch or for an evening meal.

Crispy beef salad with Tenderstem® broccoli

A simple, healthy dish that looks and tastes delicious.

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