About Tenderstem®

What adventures are made of

You’ll never guess where Tenderstem® is from! Go on try! No? Well, we’ll tell you then. A long time ago in Japan, someone had the bright idea to bring together two of their favourite vegetables to make a new one that was full of flavour and packed with goodness. Using classical plant-breeding techniques, they crossed broccoli with Chinese kale and hey presto! Tenderstem® was born. How about that!

Talking Tenderstem® with farmer Matt Gedney, and food writer and stylist Genevieve Taylor

Learn more about Tenderstem®’s nutritional value and who grows it. Find out about Tenderstem®’s history by reading our Manga-inspired comic telling the story of how Japanese scientists fused together Chinese kale and broccoli to create your favourite stemsational veggie.

How to cook Tenderstem®

Tenderstem® is as versatile as it is delicious. It can be blanched, microwaved, boiled, stir fried, steamed, deep fried or grilled – and can even be eaten raw.

It’s quick and easy to cook with and packs flavour into almost any meal you can imagine. To help get you started on your adventure with Tenderstem® and give you plenty of inspiration, check out our how to videos.

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