About Tenderstem®

Twice as good

You’ll never guess where Tenderstem® is from! Go on try! No? Well, we’ll tell you then. A long time ago in Japan, someone had the bright idea to bring together two of their favourite vegetables to make a new one that was full of flavour and packed with goodness. Using classical plant-breeding techniques, they crossed broccoli with Chinese kale and hey presto! Tenderstem® was born. How about that!

Broccoli and Chinese Kale

Chinese kale is a traditional brassica, and very popular in China where the delicate stems are eaten.

Plus Calabrese

Broccoli used to be called calabrese, taking its name from the Calabria region of Italy, where it has been eaten since Roman times. Now that is a long time ago! 


All the best qualities of broccoli and Chinese kale come together in Tenderstem® to make a sweet and tender stem brassica with good texture.

In this video, Kent-based farmer, Matt Gedney, talks about the labour of love it is to grow and harvest Tenderstem®, and food writer and stylist, Genevieve Taylor, demonstrates its incredible versatility in the kitchen.

Tenderstem and Sausages

to chop?

For goodness sake, don’t! As you may have guessed from the name, Tenderstem® has a tasty stem so you can eat the whole thing, unlike ordinary broccoli, which has a thicker, even woody, stem. 

Tenderstem® is great because it's delicious from stem to floret! Nothing needs to be thrown away so it’s a really good value veggie with no preparation needed! What’s more it’s so good for you. It’s got a mild but distinctive flavour and a texture more like asparagus than broccoli.  


Stemsational superfood

Britain’s gone bonkers for Tenderstem® because it works so brilliantly with all sorts of cuisines. And since many Tenderstem® recipes take just 10 minutes to prepare, you won’t have to wait long to taste its great flavour!

Great Flavour

Rich in nutrients, a 100g portion of Tenderstem® gives you your full daily requirement of vitamin C. 

Food writer, TV cook and mum, Jo Pratt, takes us on a tour of Kenya to find out how Tenderstem® is grown there.

How to cook

Tenderstem® is incredibly versatile. It can be blanched, microwaved, boiled, stir fried, steamed, deep fried or grilled – and can even be eaten raw.

It needs nothing more than a quick rinse – no further preparation required! Use it in stir fries, or blanch until tender and use in salads, pasta dishes and risotto or simply serve with dips. Stir frying or quickly steaming Tenderstem® is the best way to keep all the nutrients intact.

  • To Eat Raw

    The ultimate convenience food, Tenderstem® doesn’t need a thing done to it! It’s delicious as it is.

  • To Steam

    Pop your Tenderstem® in a regular steamer and steam for three to four minutes until the stems are al dente.

  • To Boil

    Bring a medium saucepan of water to the boil, drop in your Tenderstem® and bring back to the boil. Then simmer for a further two minutes.

  • To Stir Fry

    Heat a wok over a high heat and then add a little vegetable oil. As soon as the oil is hot, add the Tenderstem®. Fry for a couple of minutes, moving and tossing around in the pan to cook evenly.

  • To BBQ/Griddle

    Toss your Tenderstem® in a little olive oil and seasoning. Place on a hot BBQ or in a hot griddle pan, turning until the stems are lightly charred.

  • To Roast

    Preheat your oven to 180°c, toss in a little olive oil and seasoning (maybe a few chilli flakes, a little cumin or your favourite spice) and roast for 10-12 minutes until the stems are crispy and golden.