Roast Dinner Season is Here!

Roast Dinner Season is Here!

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As the weather is now starting to turn, the jumpers are going on, the leaves are changing and beginning to fall, but most importantly, we move into one of the best seasons of all… roast dinner season! Whilst some continue to enjoy a good Sunday roast all year, it is in autumn and winter that this family favourite hits its peak. To celebrate the start of this season, we have put together some tips on how to balance out the perfect roast dinner.

Originally rustled up as a post-church celebration across much of Europe, the Sunday roast has been adopted by the entire nation and become one of the iconic culinary treats of the UK. Families gather around the dinner table and enjoy roasted meats and vegetarian alternatives, accompanied by brilliant seasonal vegetables and a variety of tasty complementary sides.

So what is the key to the perfect roast dinner? For us, it’s all about the balance. Balance of flavour, balance of texture, and balancing out rich with fresh tastes. If we look a bit closer at flavours, this depends on your choice of meat or vegetarian alternative:

Poultry/Vegetarian alternatives: As a very versatile option, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a flavour that doesn’t really go here. Hearty roasted root vegetables, freshly steamed vegetables like Tenderstem® broccoli, herb infused seasoning or something rich like a bread sauce will all work here.

Beef: You’ll want to complement and cut through the richness of beef in equal measure, so think rich sides and the acidity of onions or horseradish to maintain the balance. Keep the veggies simple for this one and it’s wise not to forget the Yorkshire puddings!

Pork: As a meat that has a higher salt and fat content, a sweet accompaniment such as carrots or corn will do the trick. If you want to turn this up a notch, you can’t go wrong with a nice apple sauce on the side.

Lamb: Lamb has a more delicate flavour than other meats so it’s best not to overwhelm it. Think leeks instead of onions, then supercharge it with some garlic and rosemary to bring out the best in the meat. A light and sweet mint sauce will lift the whole meal.

One of the best things about enjoying a roast dinner is the ability to tailor it to your preferences on indulgence and nutrition. It can be a light and fresh weekly occurrence or a chance to have a treat with rich and sumptuous ingredients. Thanks to the versatility and nutritional balance of Tenderstem® broccoli, it can prepared to work with any roast dinner variation so find out more on the methods you can use to prepare our superfood veggie and add it to yours!