Win a Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

Tenderstem® makes every meal a little adventure. That’s why we’re offering five thrill-seekers two tickets to Go Ape’s Tree Top Adventures. Think you can tackle tricky obstacles and zig-zag on zip lines up to 30 metres high? Tell us in 30 words or less how you are an adventurous cook for your chance to win.

This competition has now closed. Check back soon to find out who our lucky Tree Top Adventurers are!

Why are you an adventurous cook?

“I recently went vegan, every since I have been exploring new food every single day. I dont like to follow recipes so I just throw in whatever I think will taste good!” Hannah Rolland
“I just throw whatever I've got into a pan and hope for the best. Usually works out alright.” Joseph Harrison
“i will add random ingredients to anything such as pineapple to a beef pasta” STEVEN COOKE
“Anything that's in the fridge and I think may work together can end up in my dishes! My housemate often looks on in amazement!!” Bethany-Joy Bates
“Love trying new things tell grandchildren different names for food so they will rat” Lynne Lawson
“Vegetarian diet means being adventurous or eating a lot of beans!” Catherine Davies
“Vegetarian diet means being adventurous or eating a lot of beans!” Catherine Davies
“I'm the one who's always willing to mix up the crazy food combinations. Or trying to cook things in a unique way that hasn't been tried before! They all call me nuts, but they love it!” Yvonne Brownsea
“Input anything and everything in my dishes. From ground coriander in my Shepards pie to soy sauce in my curries.” Marium Nisa
“I never list what I going to cook or buy , I just see what looks tasty and fresh on the day. I love all different meals from chinese, indian, spanish, italian and seafood.” Mai Taylor
“If I see something slightly bizarre made on TV, I have to try it. Cucumber and White Chocolate sorbet anyone?” Kieran White
“I see available ingredients, don't look for recipes, simply imagine the combinations and go. Surprise can be lovely.” Michael Coupar
“I love to try different cuisines and will more often than not cook a meal from scratch over cooking something ready made. Always up for a challenge.” Debbie Ridgway
“I just make it up has I go along always tastes lovely.” Sharon Jones
“As I’m gluten fres, it encourages me to make last minute swaps and just hope for the best!” Beth Fulcher
“Love to experiment with new flavours and foods. I have one fussy eater and one vegetarian, so have been getting creative to make sure they both get nutritious meals.” Julie Parsons
“I can light a fire and cook a full English breakfast on it outside. I can cook 5 star meatballs . I love food and I really love eating. Me please.” Evie Dale-beaumont
“1 week each month we don’t allow ourselves to buy anything? you have to use what’s in the house and get creative” Katherine Record
“New ingredients, jazzy flavours, lotsa colours, like science in the kitchen, so experimental!” Jessica Pammen
“My son and me pick up free recipes from supermarkets and then have a go at making them and for fun we add our own little twist to them” Annmarie Gravett
“I look for inspiration whenever I'm on my travels.” Margaret Mccaffery
“I love mixing unlikely combinations together—I invented salt and caramel before it was in all products in the shops!” Jen Hague
“Very I am vegan, son veggie and dad eats anything, tend to cook three meals a day!” Claire jones
“Since I've changed my eating habits and am eating more healthy I've become one of those people that ' chop things up small, throw everything in the same pot and see what comes out '.” Miss Lesley Grant
“I like to try different recipes and ingredients” Zsofia Suvegjarto
“Leftovers are my fuel for adventure! I use them to make soups or bubble and squeek. I feel good making new (sometimes better) dishes from potential waste.” John Coe
“By trying to cook recipes from foreign countries,China,Japan,etc.” robert stacey
“I buy random things I've not tried before, chuck them in a pan & see what happens” Sarah Mead
“Once a week we tried a dish from a different country. We often use ingredient what we never heard of.” Jana Blahova
“I love experimenting with new combinations and flavours from around the world, my food is a perfect blend of spicy and sweet just like me!” Jameela Hussain
“I like to leave my guests "hanging on" and on "tender"hooks for my culinary suprises x” Carol BURGESS
“Try lost of spice.....fresh and dry. In a chicken curry, I will use ginger and garlic paste, cumin seeds, cinnamon and cloves ground, mustard seeds, a little of dry chilled or green one. Sometimes adding different spice accordingly depending on on what you are cooking. May be some yogurt, mint, curry leaves, Coriander leaves.” Geeta Nosib
“I use what ever I’ve got in my cupboard or fridge and throw them all together to make new concoctions” Vicki Donnachie
“I love trying new recipes all the time,as my family get bored very easily” mandy harper
“I search high and low for meals to savour with so much flavour. I Dip, Glaze and Marinade it Sprinkle, Stir Fry, Infuse,Steam,and Bake and TENDERSTEM It” kaye willan
“I love to push the boundaries in cooking trying something new each week tenderstems help me with this .” Jayne Griffiths
“I like to be experimental - broccoli pizza is actually one of my trademark dishes. People rarely like the sound of it, but hopefully change their mind when they taste it.” Jenny Amphlett

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