Win a broccolovely date night - Closed

Win a broccolovely date night

Our competition is now closed, but don't worry we've still got a Valentine's treat for you.

We've teamed up with the talented Keady Flowers, an Irish florist and creators of the TikTok viral Tenderstem® ‘broquet’. Watch the video for a step-by-step of how you can make your loved ones, friends or family members a Valentine’s gift they won’t forget.

This competition is now closed

Whether you like your Tenderstem® steamy with a fresh and crunchy texture, or charred on the grill and bursting with flavour, you’ll find a match made in broccoli heaven this Valentine’s.

Check out the links below to get started with Tenderstem®.

Recipe Inspiration

Want your date to fall floret over heels for your cooking? Tenderstem® is a perfect companion for your romantic plans. Get started with these recipes that are simple, quick, and sure to impress.