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Top 10 reasons to love Tenderstem®

Top ten reasons to love Tenderstem
  • No1

    It's a great way to include extra portions of dark green leafy vegetables into many different dishes.

  • No2

    Tenderstem® is so versatile and convenient; there’s no chopping, nothing’s wasted and you can even eat it raw.

  • No3

    Tenderstem® has been crowned the King of Broccoli because of its superior health benefits. Click here to find out more.

  • No4

    It has a more delicate taste than ordinary broccoli – in fact it’s more like asparagus in flavour.

  • No5

    Did you know including more Brassicas in your diet could provide protection against certain cancers as well as age-related conditions?

  • No6

    Tenderstem® can be loved by everyone, if they are open to the idea, from babies to baby-boomers! Try our family-friendly recipes and see if you agree.

  • No7

    Tenderstem® takes less time to cook than other broccoli varieties, meaning more of the goodness is retained when eaten.

  • No8

    Just 80g of Tenderstem® counts as one of your five-a-day – and we have over 80 ways to serve it on this website! Click here for more.

  • No9

    Tenderstem® is harvested by hand so it’s always in tip-top condition.

  • No10

    The low levels of digestible carbohydrate in Tenderstem® make it a healthy choice for diabetics or those on a low-GI diet.