What To Serve With Fish Pie: 7 Fish Friendly Sides

What To Serve With Fish Pie: 7 Fish Friendly Sides

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Fish pie is not just a comforting treat, but is a healthy, protein rich dish for the whole family to enjoy. So serving it up at meal times is a popular choice.

Knowing what to serve with fish pie is key to taking your meal time in a tasty new direction, so you can enjoy it time and time again.

Whether that’s mixing up the variety of sides to serve with fish pie or swapping some key ingredients – here are some fish friendly options so you know what to serve with fish pie next time.

7 Fish Friendly Options to Serve with Fish Pie

1. Tenderstem Seafood Pie

Let’s get the basic just right. Next time you’re making a classic creamy fish pie, this is arecipe to please the whole family.

This comforting recipe is a wonderfully versatile way to serve fish pie in a variety of ways.

Want to mix it up? No problem, simply swap the type of fish you use for a change in flavour and texture. Use a simple fluffy cod or haddock for a light and popular recipe to please the little ones, or for a stronger fish flavour, use smoked salmon to give your fish pie some added depth of flavour.

You’ll also be packing in your veggies with our Tenderstem Seafood pie recipe too, by simply cutting some fresh Tenderstem® broccoli into bite-size pieces and stir into the sauce with salmon and prawns, before baking to perfection. Tenderstem seafood pie recipe >

2. Fish Pie with Fluffy Pastry Topping

Fish pie served with an alternative topping is a fun way to keep enjoying your pie filling.

Puff pastry is a quick alternative to mashed potato and a crunchy alternative topping to serve with fish pie. Don’t stop there, we recommend sweet potato and parsnip layered topping too!

3. Fish Pie served with Tasty Veggies

Particularly tasty vegetables with fish pie are peas and carrots, due to their sweetness that compliments the creamy fishy sauce. But there are many ways to serve your fish pie with veggies:

· An easy way to take your side vegetables to the next level would be to ensure they are always seasonal and fresh, or by dressing them with fresh herbs such as mint or parsley.

· Alternatively, during autumnal months, sautéed green beans with sweet shallots and garlic would be a very tasty option to serve with fish pie.

· Roasted carrots are another delicious option to serve with fish pie, try dusting with paprika or cumin spices for a winter warmer side dish to your fish pie.

· Pairing tenderstem with lemon and basil breadcrumbs is a particular favourite of ours to make your taste buds sing. The crunch texture is a welcome contrast while the lemon makes sure it complements the flavours so well when served with fish pie.

4. Fish Pie with Crusty Bread!

Sometime you just need extra carbs, to mop up all that creamy fishy sauce – that why a fresh crusty loaf is the ideal side to serve with fish pie in our book.

The Best Dish to Serve with Fish Pie

We particularly favour fresh vegetables when deciding what to serve with fish pie. But whatever side you pick, simply taking some time to plan your sides or mix up your fish pie ingredients will help you serve up your fish pie with something tasty every single time.