Make Sundays extra special with Tenderstem<sup>®</sup> broccoli - roasts, but better!

Make Sundays extra special with Tenderstem® broccoli - roasts, but better!

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The humble Sunday roast is a tradition held fondly throughout the nation. Recently revealed to have hit the top spot as the country’s favourite meal, the time-honoured British culinary occasion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

With peak roast dinner season upon us, here at Tenderstem® we’ve been investigating the nation’s roast habits ahead of those colder Sundays when a warming roast perfectly hits the spot. Though we’re without a doubt still a nation of Sunday lunch lovers, our research suggests that our tastes have evolved, with certain aspects of the traditional roast now being modernised.

In particular, many of us are now skipping boiled or canned veg and embracing more adventurous alternatives. With more and more of us opting for a vegan or veggie plate, vegetables are no longer a supporting role for the meat centrepiece. Bland regular broccoli florets, carrot discs and packet cauliflower cheese sauces are now less popular, with lots of us levelling-up to tasty Tenderstem® broccoli and made-from-scratch sauces. With 28% of us claiming we would only serve fresh and seasonal veggies, the humble tinned vegetable has been replaced for fresh, vibrant greens which can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Tenderstem® broccoli was revealed to be a firm favourite for Brits when it comes to their favourite meal of the week, taking precedence over regular broccoli as a new staple of the British Sunday lunch. Succulently sweet and slightly nutty, the tender crunch and delicate flavour of Tenderstem® perfectly complements the country’s favourite roasts – whether that’s chicken, lamb, beef, or a plant-based alternative.

Despite the shift in tastes, as many as 89% of Brits admit there is nothing better than a Sunday roast. With almost three quarters of us claiming it’s the highlight of our week, up your roast game with Tenderstem®, the extra-special vegetable that is the show in showstopper. Steamed, griddled or roasted, Tenderstem® broccoli is a vibrant, luxurious addition to your table for a roast to impress. Recharge your Sunday feast with flavour, colour and goodness by trying our Tenderstem® broccoli side dish recipes to make your roast dinner better.