Top Travel Snacks According to Tenderstem®

Top Travel Snacks According to Tenderstem®


Here’s a run-down of our favourite travel snacks.

Gearing up for that summer holiday and dreading the journey? We say, everything is made better with a snack. Here’s a run-down of our favourite travel snacks.

1. We love muffaleta! There have been lots of great recipes popping up for this decadent sandwich in the last couple of years. No soggy middles here, just layers of luscious ingredients. This is sure to be one sandwich that might not make it past the driveway. You can add whatever your favourite fillings may be, but keep it Mediterranean. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

2. We love dipping Tenderstem® into dips. Shop-bought is fine, but we have these dip ideas too. Great for getting little ones involved with their food and keeping them quiet on a train or plane journey!

3. Flapjacks! OK, so there may be a few crumbs but we love a sweet treat and these can be chopped easily into different portion sizes. If you fancy feeling slightly more virtuous try these delicious Pink Lady® apple flapjacks.

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