The Man Behind British Tenderstem®

The Man Behind British Tenderstem®


It was once said by a supermarket technologist that Tenderstem® could never be grown in the UK, but Nathan Dellicott was determined.

Twenty years ago Nathan Dellicott was sitting, cold and miserable on a tractor in Lincolnshire harvesting sprouts, when he decided enough was enough, and it was time for a change. So he moved to Barfoots in West Sussex where he took a position as farm manager.

One of the things he loved about his new job was an unusual crop they were growing: Tenderstem®. There was no manual for growing it, no set way of doing things, so it wasn’t easy. But Nathan was happy to rise to the challenge. A technologist from one of the big supermarket chains came to visit and told Nathan that Tenderstem® couldn’t be grown in the UK.

But it became a bit of a personal mission for Nathan to prove him wrong. He had to use all of his experience to overcome the problems, but he remembers those early days at Barfoots as a lot of fun. And, as it happens, West Sussex, where Barfoots is located, is actually one of the best locations for growing Tenderstem®. The climate is gentle, with milder springs and autumns than most of the UK, meaning the season naturally lasts a little longer on the coast. The salt in the air is something Nathan thinks makes Tenderstem® from Barfoots so tasty.

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