The Great Fruit Adventurer shares his Tenderstem® farm experience

<h3>The Great Fruit Adventurer shares his Tenderstem® farm experience</h3>


Last year, Max MacGillivray and his team embarked on a Great Fruit Adventure which took them through 18 countries and over 18,000 kilometres all whilst travelling on motorbikes. The aim of the African adventure was to experience first-hand how the UK’s best loved fruit and vegetables are produced and to educate and inspire youngsters back home on the virtues of healthy living.

In December last year, fresh produce specialist Max MacGillivray visited Ibis Farm in the shadow of Mount Kenya, to see how Tenderstem® is grown and harvested. Farmer Marcus Raynor (pictured above) and his team from Flamingo Fresh Produce Group hosted Max on the picturesque farm for three days in the run up to Christmas.

Max had an inspiring time on the farm, commenting: “The passion that the growers and the farm teams had for amazing fresh produce such as Tenderstem® was so inspiring. The farm that we visited in the shadow of Mount Kenya has to be seen to be believed!

“The farm grows a large number of different products - from Tenderstem® and fine beans to runner beans, sugar snaps, mangetout and spring onions, as well as a range of fresh herbs. Each product has its own requirements to make sure that a great crop is grown and harvested for the end consumer, and the farmers are all experts growing amazing fresh produce. The harvesting team that we saw in the Tenderstem® fields was so diligent, making sure that what they harvested was just right for consumers – high-quality, and looking as appealing as possible so it’s really appetising and eye-catching on shelf.”

On his return to the UK, Max has been awarded with the prestigious Point of Lights Award from Prime Minister Theresa May. He is currently visiting schools, educating children on the benefits of eating their greens and reporting on how the nation’s favourite fruit and vegetables travel from the field to their plate.

Learn more about Max’s journey here:

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