Tenderstem® Top Tips

Tenderstem® Top Tips


Find out top tips for food blogging!

Tenderstem® sponsors the Guild of Food Writers Award for the third year running. Today a lot of food writers start their career by food blogging. We asked top blogger Ren Behan, who created this beautiful recipe for our 2014 collection, her opinion on how to get your food blog off the ground. Here are her top tips.

1. Pick a blog name you are happy with and if possible, register a matching domain name to stand out from the crowd.

2. Identify a niche or a point of focus, for example, heritage food, family recipes, specialist diet, to capture the attention of a particular audience and draw new readers in.

3. Use social media to boost your blogging profile – people won't know you've posted a blog post unless you tell them!

4. Always consider how your post can be helpful to the person reading it. For example, rather than simply writing about what you ate for dinner, share a family recipe or some top tips from your own kitchen.

5. Learn how to take light and bright images – taking photographs during the daylight is always best.

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