Tenderstem® in the field: Jersey

Tenderstem® in the field: Jersey


We recently visited one of the wonderful farms that grows Tenderstem® across the British Isles, and checked in with Richard Le Cornu, a farmer based in Jersey.

The largest of the channel islands, Jersey is renowned for its sensational produce: from oysters, Jersey Royals and spider crabs to Jersey ice cream, lobster and Jersey black butter.

The fertile soils and mild maritime climate mean that Jersey produce is truly unique, and owes its distinct flavour to its surroundings and the specific conditions on and around Jersey.

To add to the feast of flavour offered on this small but perfectly-formed island, Tenderstem® is harvested on Jersey from June to November.

Richard Le Cornu is the expert behind growing Tenderstem® on Jersey, and has more than 20 years’ experience under his belt. Housed in St. Martin on the east of the island, Richard also grows chillies and flowers alongside Tenderstem®.

The farm starts planting Tenderstem® at the end of February, with the first harvest at the end of May. Every piece of Tenderstem® is individually harvested by hand. Richard’s farm then supplies Tenderstem® to the UK from June through to the end of November.

As well as being packed with goodness, Tenderstem® is also incredibly easy to cook with and very versatile. Richard told us his favourite ways to eat Tenderstem®, freshly picked from his field:

“We love to eat Tenderstem® raw – it’s got a very delicate flavour and lives up to its name, with a very tender stem that’s delicious fresh from the field. Our other favourite way to enjoy Tenderstem® as a family is to gently boil it for a couple of minutes, then add a bit of grated cheese on top and pop it under the grill to melt the cheese. A really tasty side dish!”

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