Plates with Personality: High-achiever

Plates with Personality: High-achiever


You are a high achiever. You are incredibly conscientious, organised and driven. You have a strong sense of duty and are highly dependable. You love to plan everything. When it comes to your plate, everything must be perfect. 

When cooking, you are meticulous about following the recipe and give great care to the meals you make. You have impeccable attention to detail and most of the dishes you enjoy look like something prepared by a Michelin star chef.

Dream dish – French trimmed cutlets of lamb with Tenderstem® two ways – pureed with smoked garlic and griddled


Tenderstem® has teamed up with food writer, Ren Behan, to devise the perfect dish for high achievers, she said: “Lamb is a brilliant choice for an organised chef – it takes on flavours well and behaves during the cooking process! You can get organised, cook in advance and set the table while it’s in the oven. This perfect and practical dish of cutlets with Tenderstem® two ways gives variety and can be beautifully presented on a plate.”

When it comes to holidays you’ve packed the map, learnt the common phrases and have scheduled fun along the way. You can always be relied upon to pre-book activities to avoid those pesky queues, as well as having a handy go-to list of recommended local restaurants, where everyone can find a dish they love.

You love to have a day of organising and what better way than to spruce up a room in the house. When it comes to home decor, you love minimalism, neatness and have an eye for pairing monochrome with a subtle splash of colour here and there. Your wardrobe follows suit, and everyone admires a high achiever's chic, sophisticated and well-organised wardrobe.

You’re a team player when it comes to sports or group games and activities, but naturally take the lead. You are certainly captain material and know the rule books like the back of your hand. You’re a great person to have around when there’s the inevitable moment of rule bending in Monopoly and are more than happy to take the role of the banker so ensure no one dips into the pot when people aren’t looking!

Food psychologist, Dr. Christy Fergusson, said: “Individuals with high levels of conscientiousness are organised and follow a strong sense of duty. They are driven, disciplined and very dependable. They love to plan everything with a tendency towards perfectionism. When it comes to devising dishes, recipes are followed to the letter and beautifully presented. High achievers are also great in crisis and always keep a cool head.”

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