Plates with Personality: Comforter

Plates with Personality: Comforter


You are a comforter. You are a warm, kind and compassionate person who others enjoy being around. When it comes to your food personality you love tasty home cooked food. 

Food is love to you. If you are feeling down there is nothing you love more than making something comforting to soothe your soul. You also love cooking for others to cheer them up.

Dream dish – Tenderstem® and Prawn Jambalaya

Tenderstem® has teamed up with food writer, Ren Behan, to devise the perfect dish for comforters, she said: “Jambalaya is a great dish for comforters – it’s soothing, warming and very tasty! With Louisiana roots and Spanish and French influences, it’s a meal packed full of flavour, with the prawns being an addition that really sets the dish off.”

When it comes to your wardrobe you can’t resist a jumper, whether it’s smart or snuggly – you’re always on the lookout for the next cable-knit or cashmere find. Your fashion finds are perfect for those colder days and you’re in your element during the autumn/winter sales.

As a comforter your winter travel plans need to include a fantastic hotel, roaring fire, hearty food and a good book. You’re more than happy to go at your own pace, take in the scenery and know that it’s important to schedule in time to relax.

You’re always on hand to listen to others, lift their spirits and point out the silver-lining when things seem a bit grey. You make a cracking cup of tea and always have something yummy and warming in the oven ready to offer any unexpected guests.

Food psychologist, Dr. Christy Fergusson, said: “Comforters are kind by nature and are associated with being compassionate, trustworthy and helpful. Food is love to them, so when a friend is in need they are the first to come round and create something tasty to cheer them up. Comforters are known for their agreeable nature, which is associated with the degree of warmth a person exudes. The more agreeable they are, the kinder they are.”

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