Plates with Personality: Adventurer

Plates with Personality: Adventurer


You are an adventurer. You are a creative soul with a vivid imagination who is always open to new experiences. You love throwing caution to the wind, living on the edge and prefer to follow your own rules. 

When it comes to your plate, you aren’t afraid to try new ingredients, experiment with interesting flavours and give more challenging recipes a go. You love daring and different recipes you can explore, especially when you can make them your own with a little freestyling.

Dream dish – Tenderstem® Ceviche

Tenderstem® has teamed up with food writer, Ren Behan, to devise the perfect dish for Adventurers, she said: “A ceviche dish is something that adventurers are sure to love. The seafood dish is popular in Colombia, Peru and other parts of Latin America, making it perfect for someone who loves to try something different and who loves to travel. This dish will transport people to the heart of South American adventure and spark their imagination to get a trip planned, and try out some Latin American cooking at home!”

Adventurers love to try new things and challenge themselves, so when it comes to sports they’re always looking for the next craze, whether that includes taking up bicycle polo or trying out base jumping, you’re ready for anything.

When it comes to holidays, you’re a ‘throw a dart at a map’ kind of person. Getting lost is an adventure and you’d feel completely at home with just your passport and a backpack.

Your home interiors style brings together an eclectic mix of decor, with great pieces that you’ve picked up during your travels. Items and knick-knacks in your home often come with a funny story or rich history. You’re not afraid to decorate with bold colours, styles or themes and love to keep changing things up.

Food psychologist, Dr. Christy Fergusson, said: “Adventurers prefer the road less travelled, love exploring and are highly spirited and mischievous, living by the motto ‘no regrets’. When it comes to dishing up something tasty, adventurers are creative with their ingredients and are not afraid to give more challenging recipes a go. This is something adventurers apply to most aspects of their lives. They are willing to take risks but always making sure to have fun along the way.”

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