National Recipe Hunt Winner, Isabel, Meets Donal Skehan

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National Recipe Hunt Winner, Isabel, Meets Donal Skehan


Tenderstem®’s National Recipe Hunt winner, Isabel Morgan, came to London to meet celebrity judge Donal Skehan on Friday 28th July. 

Isabel, along with bloggers and journalists, took part in a Cooking with Tenderstem® event where they re-created Isabel’s winning dish, Very Green Tenderstem® Pasta, and Donal’s Charred Tenderstem® with Tahini Yoghurt and Chilli Vinaigrette.

Isabel said of the Cooking with Tenderstem® event “I really enjoyed the event on Friday. It was a great experience meeting and cooking alongside Donal, other food bloggers and the Tenderstem® team! It was very cool to see everyone cook the recipe I had put together and even better trying Donal's charred Tenderstem® recipe.” 

Isabel entered the Recipe Hunt competition because she was “googling for inspiration as to what to do with the vegetable when I stumbled on the competition on Tenderstem®’s website. I make pesto a lot as I pretty much have it on everything, so I experimented with adding in Tenderstem® and it turned out pretty well!”

Congratulations to Isabel, who will be taking her prize of a trip to Paris in October and a big thank you to our celebrity judge, Donal Skehan!

And here's some tasty pictures from the event.

Pic-ception - a picture of Donal taking a picture of bloggers taking pictures

Hands-on cooking

Re-creation of Isabel's Very Green Tenderstem® Pasta

The winning recipe in full swing

The lovely winner and Donal 

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