Fresh from the Field

Fresh from the Field


We recently visited one of our friendly Tenderstem® farmers in the beautiful Malvern Hills to check out the start of the UK growing season.

Tenderstem® is grown all across the UK from Lincolnshire to Malvern and Sussex to Jersey. You’ll find UK grown Tenderstem® on supermarket shelves between June and November. AS Green Co is a family run farm growing runner beans, baby courgettes and of course our delicious Tenderstem®. Married couple Andrew and Caroline manage over 280 acres of land and as well as the tasty vegetables they grow, the Greens farm over 200 sheep as well. They’ve been growing Tenderstem® since 2010 and now dedicate over 80 acres to the crop.

Tenderstem being picked

Andrew Green describes the Tenderstem® process: “Tenderstem® is a fast-growing crop that is hand-picked and harvested on site here in Malvern. The whole Tenderstem® growing process, from planting to harvesting, is as quick as 80 days.

“Malvern isn’t typical brassica-growing land, but the rich red Herefordshire soil has good moisture retention and is packed with nutrients run off from the nearby Malvern Hills, giving it good growth ability. A cool April and May meant that the 2016 Tenderstem® crop is set to be one of the best yet.”

The Green family on the farm

Mild and slightly sweet in taste, Tenderstem® can be eaten from top of floret to tip of stem, meaning there’s no waste. It’s such a versatile vegetable you can eat it raw, just like Andrew and Caroline Green do, straight from the field, or cook it quickly in a stir fry or grill on the BBQ. With twice as much vitamin C content than the same weight of oranges, Tenderstem® is a great source of lots of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and potassium.

Make sure you check our new Tenderstem® Near You map to find local restaurants serving this stem-sational veg, details on our fabulous farmers and delectable recipes from regional bloggers:


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