Weird and wonderful recipes you can make with Tenderstem® Broccoli

<span>Weird and wonderful recipes you can make with Tenderstem® Broccoli</span>


Tenderstem® broccoli is one of those delicious vegetables you generally only find accompanying a Sunday roast – but contrary to what you might think, it’s actually pretty versatile and can be paired with, well, just about anything. So to prove that to you, we’ve rounded up five of the weirdest broccoli food combinations – go on, give them a go! You’ll find that they’re actually rather wonderful.



 1. Tenderstem® Broccoli and cheesy puffs – (serves six)

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You’ve heard of cauliflower cheese – well why not swap out the cauliflower for Tenderstem® broccoli and add cheesy puffs for an extra crunch? Wholesome and moreish, we think it’s a winning combination. In fact, New York City-based chef Craig Koketsu regularly serves up this dish.

- Handful of Tenderstem®, chopped (remember to include the stem – it’s the best bit!) 
- Six packets of cheesy puffs, crushed
- 250ml double cream
- Two shallot onions, minced
- One clove garlic, minced
- 50g grated parmesan
- 150g grated gouda
- Pinch chilli flakes
- 3tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
- Pinch salt
- One bay leaf
- Six whole black peppercorns

- First, you’ll need to prepare the cheese sauce. Turn your hob to a medium-high heat and add in the cream, peppercorns, shallots, garlic and the bay leaf. Keep stirring until everything has reduced by 50 per cent (this should take about six minutes). Turn off the heat and stir in the parmesan and gouda until they have both melted, then add a pinch of salt to season. Hold a sieve over a pan and pour in the mixture, discarding any solids. Place on the hob to keep warm.

- Now it’s time to cook the broccoli. Add salt to a pan and set aside. Boil a kettle of water and pour into the pan then add the broccoli and stir on a high heat for around three minutes. Drain the water and add the broccoli to a bowl containing ice cold water and leave until cold. Drain the water and place the broccoli to one side. Meanwhile, heat oil in a frying pan and cook the chilli for about one minute. Add in the broccoli and stir until brown (this should take about six minutes).

- It’s now ready to serve. Divide the cheese sauce mixture between six bowls, topping with the broccoli and garnish with cheesy puffs.


2. Tenderstem® Broccoli with bacon and mustard – (serves four)

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If you prefer something a bit meatier then this recipe is ideal for you. Healthy and quick to prepare, it’s packed with mouth-watering flavours that will set your taste buds tingling.

- Large handful Tenderstem® broccoli, chopped (use the full stem)
- Three slices of bacon
- 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
- 3tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
- 1tsp whole mustard seeds
- 1tsp mustard
- 1tsp brown sugar
- ½ tsp smoked paprika
- ¼ tsp ground chilli
- Cracked black pepper

- First things first, the sauce. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Add Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, mustard, mustard seeds, chilli, brown sugar and smoked paprika to a bowl and whisk until well mixed.

- Now it’s time to cook the broccoli. Place onto a baking sheet and drizzle the sauce on top, then stir until the broccoli is evenly coated in the mixture. Add black pepper to season and roast in the oven. After 10 minutes, turn the broccoli over and put it back in the oven for another five minutes.
- Meanwhile, fry the bacon until it’s crispy then snap into small pieces (about one inch). Take the broccoli out of the oven and mix in the frying pan with the bacon before serving.


3. Tenderstem® Broccoli and maple syrup – (serves four to six)

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For those with a sweeter tooth, add a little maple syrup to your broccoli. We promise it’s not as strange to the palate as it sounds! The sweetness of the syrup actually enhances the delicate flavours of the Tenderstem® broccoli. Try this quick 20-minute appetizer today.

- Large handful Tenderstem® broccoli, chopped (use the full stem)
- 1tbsp maple syrup
- One clove garlic, chopped
- Pinch chilli powder
- Salt and pepper to taste
- ½ lemon, juiced
- 4tbsp olive oil

- Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, then make the glaze. Mix the lemon juice, olive oil, chilli powder, garlic and maple syrup together in a bowl, seasoning with salt and pepper.

- Toss the broccoli in the mixture until fully coated and place on a baking tray. Transfer to the oven and cook until caramelised (about 15 minutes).

- It’s now ready to serve!


4. Tenderstem® Broccoli dipped in peanut butter – (serves two)

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Now we know what you’re thinking – Tenderstem® broccoli and peanut butter is one step too far, right? Well this healthy snack is perfect for satisfying those sugar cravings and tastes out of this world.

- One handful Tenderstem® broccoli
- 4tbsp smooth peanut butter
- 4tbsp honey
- 3tbsp soy sauce
- 250ml hot water
- 4tsp cilantro, minced
- 2tsp cider vinegar
- Salt and pepper to taste

- This time, we’re cooking the broccoli first. Boil a pan of water and blanch the broccoli for about three minutes before draining and rinsing with cold water.

- Now for the sauce. Add the honey and peanut butter to a bowl and mix. Pour over the hot water and keep stirring until fully combined and sauce-like. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir again.

- Serve the broccoli on side dishes with the peanut sauce as a dip.


5. Chocolate and Tenderstem® broccoli cupcakes – (makes 12)

Image Credit: alexskopje/

If your kids are always refusing to eat their veggies, sneak them into these yummy chocolate cupcakes . They won’t know the difference and you can relax knowing the cakes are a little bit healthy. It’s a win-win all round, we think.

- Handful Tenderstem® broccoli, chopped small (including the stems) 
- Two eggs
- 150g self-raising flour
- 130g brown sugar
- 3tbsp cocoa powder
- 1tsp baking powder
- 120ml olive oil
- 1tbsp milk

- First, make the cupcake mixture. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and add the brown sugar and olive oil, then whisk. Pour in the milk and add the baking powder, cocoa powder and flour before mixing together until well combined.

- Chop the broccoli including the stems into tiny pieces and add to the mixture, then divide into cupcake cases and bake in a pre-heated oven (180 degrees) for about 15 minutes.

- Leave to cool on a wire rack, then enjoy.


So there you have it – five strange foods to pair with Tenderstem® broccoli that actually work really well. Try out our other Tenderstem® broccoli recipes here. Got a favourite recipe of your own using Tenderstem® broccoli? Why not submit it here.



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