Fall For British Cheeses This Autumn

Fall For British Cheeses This Autumn


This summer we’ve been celebrating all things regional and seasonal, including the delicious UK-grown Tenderstem® crop. For the last couple of months of the season we’ll be linking up with some regional food champions to explore what other wonderful seasonal ingredients would make perfect partners for Tenderstem®.

First to give us the low-down is cheese aficionado Stephen Fleming of specialist cheese shop George & Joseph. Based in Leeds, George & Joseph specialises in British cheeses and in particular those produced in Yorkshire.

Stephen has selected a cheeseboard of choices that are perfect right now. He says: “As summer turns to autumn we want cheeses with more robust flavours that will stand up to heartier dishes.”

If you love a classic cheddar, then why not mix it up a bit with Stephen’s suggestion of Dale End Cheddar, a rich, tangy Yorkshire cheddar, made using creamy milk from cows grazing spring grass. Dale End Cheddar would be absolutely perfect in a dish like Tenderstem® macaroni cheese or a classic omelette.

If you’re looking for a simple autumn salad, Stephen suggests pairing seasonal vegetables such as roasted roots and Tenderstem® with a delicious Ribblesdale goat curd sprinkled with toasted walnuts. The delicate goat cheese flavour and ricotta-like softness are the perfect accompaniment to the slight sweetness of the roasted vegetables.

The UK has some gorgeous blue cheeses to celebrate the end of summer and leave us looking forward to Christmas. If you’re a Stilton fan Stephen recommends Young Buck from Northern Ireland. It’s a complex, creamy blue cheese, which he likes to serve at this time of year. Stephen says this cheese is ideal for blue cheese dishes such as sauces and soups. We think it would be a fresh take on the broccoli and Stilton combo!

Finally, if you’re looking for an indulgent, but oh-so-simple sharing starter, splash out on a vacherin-style whole Winslade cheese from Hampshire Cheeses. Bake it as you would a Camembert and dip your lightly steamed Tenderstem® soldiers in. This delicious golden cow’s milk cheese has a woody earthiness that’s perfect for autumn.

It’s been a great growing season for Tenderstem and you should be able to find UK-grown crop on the shelves until November. If you’d like to try all Stephen’s suggestions we'll soon have a George & Joseph hamper to give away to one winner - keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media channels for further information! 

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