Did You Find Your Perfect Match With Us?

Did You Find Your Perfect Match With Us?


We’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks finding the perfect match for Tenderstem®. Visiting locations across London and the south east as well as Foodies Festival at Alexandra Palace, you’ve been choosing the perfect ingredient to complement the unique qualities of Tenderstem®. 

We’ve been feeding the masses and pairing ingredients such as chilli, garlic and lemon with this versatile brassica in the many different ways it can be cooked. 

We’ve given away more than 30,000 tasty samples to hungry Tenderstem® lovers of the south east cooked in three different ways, raw, griddled and steamed, accompanied by a fresh hummus dip, white bean, mint and yoghurt dip and also tossed lightly in rapeseed oil or served hot and fresh with a spicy chilli kick. 

Thanks to all the great food lovers who stopped by to try some of our delicious creations… see you next time!

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Food diary dates

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