Date Night

Date Night


We’ve been busy conducting research to find out what really turns up the heat in the kitchen on a date night, from fussy eaters to steak dinners, our research has uncovered some hidden truths. 

An encouraging trend revealed by the research is how Date Night provides an opportunity to try and enjoy new things! More than two thirds of people (68%) said that their partner encourages them to try foods they wouldn’t have eaten otherwise and 58% of men said they spend longer enjoying meals than they did when they were single.

Women questioned were worried about their male partner’s diet, with almost half saying they are concerned that he doesn’t eat his recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day. And they were right to worry because the research revealed that across the board healthy eating is a problem: 27% said they don’t include vegetables with every meal and some 11% of people said they only occasionally include vegetables as part of a meal, while more than 1 in 10 people admitted to only including vegetables when cooking for someone else. 40% of people say they regularly miss out on their five-a-day, managing just four times a week and confusion is common with a third of people not knowing what a five-a-day portion size looks like.

Just so you know an average portion of Tenderstem® is around 80g per person and this equates to 1 of your 5-A-Day.



With these interesting findings we’ve created some ‘stem-sational’ dishes that you can try at home for that special someone in your life. Go on, try a little tenderness with Tenderstem® Date Night.


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