Cooking with Tenderstem® in the Great Outdoors

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Cooking with Tenderstem® in the Great Outdoors


We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with The Girl Outdoors and Guyrope Gourmet to create a series of recipes that celebrate al fresco eating in the beautiful British countryside, while showing how easy it is to cook with Tenderstem®. 

From a super simple raw Tenderstem® salad that’s filling and nutritious to a portable, colourful, low calorie noodle pot; these easy to follow videos will hopefully inspire you to create new, delicious recipes using Tenderstem® in a different way.

First up, Sian from The Girl Outdoors makes a tasty Tenderstem® Noodle Pot using Asian-inspired flavours that packs your lunch on-the-go with colour and crunch. Check out the full recipe here.

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