Always So Hungry does Date Night for Tenderstem®

Always So Hungry does Date Night for Tenderstem®


We sent food blogger ‘Always So Hungry’ a hamper full of goodies and asked her to use them to create some new recipes that would be perfect for ‘Date Night’. 

The Tenderstem® fan says her favourite way to eat Tenderstem® is roasted or grilled, which inspired her to prepare these three delicious meals that are easy for you to cook at home. 

For the times you’re planning to impress, why not try the ‘Smoky Three Cheese Polenta with Sautéed Tenderstem®, Chorizo Crumbs and Parsley’. This quick and simple recipe means less cooking stress and more time to concentrate on winning over your date.

If you fancy a chilled night on the sofa watching TV kind of date, the ‘Wholemeal pizza ‘bianca’ with Tenderstem® and red pepper sauce’ is an ideal alternative for a Saturday night takeaway. 

Do you have some leftover food from your date night? Use it to create ‘Tenderstem® Dippers wrapped in Prosciutto with Lemony Hollandaise’ as a delicious snack the next day.

Check out the recipes in full here...

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