A festival-filled summer for Tenderstem®

<strong>A festival-filled summer for Tenderstem<sup>® </sup></strong>


With the weather on the turn, we’re reminiscing about our brilliant summer at the ultimate food festivals of the season.

We kicked things off at the Great British Food Festival at Chiswick House (10th – 12th August) and then headed to The Big Feastival (24th – 26th August) for the final stop of the tour. We offered festival-goers the chance to try our delicious green stems while dancing to the song of the summer…

At both festivals our favourite band, Dead Blue, performed their iconic song, ‘Tenderstem,’ even taking to the main stage at the Great British Food Festival. If you have not yet heard the tune (where have you been?!), then head over to Spotify, simply search ‘Tenderstem’, and boogie in the kitchen while you’re rustling up your own Tenderstem® in the kitchen!

The crowds that gathered around our adventurous Land Rover and chill-out tent were in thick and fast! If you were lucky enough to enjoy our steamed, griddled and barbecued Tenderstem®, topped with a tahini or lentil dhal dip, we hope that you have been inspired to use Tenderstem® in your own cooking.  

Theresa Richards, our Marketing Manager here at Tenderstem®, said, “Despite the British summer rain, the queues for our delicious Tenderstem® would just not stop! We sampled Tenderstem® to thousands upon thousands of festival-goers across both weekends.

“It was a delight to be joined by our official Tenderstem® band, Dead Blue, to play their catchy tune so that others too can fall in love with Tenderstem®.” 

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